S.Y. Thompson

A decorated United States Marine and retired San Diego Deputy Sheriff, Susan dedicated her early life to public service. An on the job law enforcement injury pushed her into early retirement. These days, Susan resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The lush surroundings help fuel her creative side to pursue another passion…writing.

Ms. Thompson’s other works include: Under the Midnight Cloak, Now You See Me, Fractured Futures, Destination Alara, Under Devil’s Snare, Woeful Pines, Illusive Witness, Beyond the Garden, The Flaw in Logic and Norwood Manor. She has also published short stories in Lesbians on the Loose, Crime Writers on the Lam and Our Stories.

Her previous works, all seventy-two stories, can be found on her website.

Email: sytcreations@yahoo.com
Web site: SYThompson.com

Books by S.Y. Thompson