The Flaw In Logic

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Science fiction and fantasy merge as this romantic adventure follows Commander R’cey Hawke, bounty hunter. R’cey hails from the technologically advanced Amalgam. Her mission to an archaic world is to apprehend a vicious criminal. What seems a simple retrieval goes askew when her vessel crash lands.

With no alternative, R’cey throws in with a small group of locals possessed of some pretty wild ideas. On this epic journey, R’cey discovers that golems, imps, harpies and most of all magic do exist. Logic is out the window.

Princess Thalia Dumont’s agreement with a dangerous magician has unexpected consequences. She only meant to force the evil King Lotar, her father, to step down from the throne. That ill-conceived bargain forces her upon a dangerous quest to undo her error. The fate of her kingdom relies upon the outcome. Taking along an off-world stranger shakes things up even more. Both will have their eyes opened up to possibilities never before considered.