White Dragon


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The story of Halie Walker and Samantha Takoda Tyler continues a year after they first met in Love Another Day. Halie’s efforts to reestablish a career while still recovering from previous injuries consume her time and focus, leaving Sam far from the center of her attention and their relationship under emotional strain. Adding to their troubles, someone unknown begins a campaign of attacks. Sam’s horse Coco winds up missing, their home is vandalized, and worse. As anxiety builds, Halie’s childhood friend, Ronni Summers, provides welcome support, but no one can figure out who is involved in the attacks.

Ronni’s brief encounter with Cali Brooks taunts her dreams, but finding her potential soul mate again proves most difficult. As Thanksgiving approaches, a series of events bring Cali into Sam and Halie’s life, and almost into Ronni’s. New and old friends join together on Thanksgiving Day, but snowfall cuts the gathering short. What follows brings not only the White Dragon, but also revelation, love, and death; the question is: which is brought to whom?