What happens when everything goes wrong? Captain Dani Forrest believes the tough get going but that doesn’t help when she and most of her starship crew are succumbing to a mysterious illness, her First Officer has been captured by renegade miners, a wet-behind-the-ears cultural attaché is running amok on her ship, Khrars are on her tail, and an assassin has been sent to kill her,. Then there are the aliens…who seem to be human…but then again, how could they be? To top it off, the alien captain has an allure all her own but Dani can’t focus her disease-addled brain long enough to decide if the other woman is friend or foe. The future for Dani’s starship doesn’t look too bright. Will a fleet of revenge-seeking Khrar warships blow the U.C.S.S. Boedicea to smithereens or will she be left to float among the stars as a ghost ship while her crew dies off one-by-one?

**This is a revised edition of this title. The first edition was published under the pseudonym R. C. Brojim.

“Cognate is a fun story set in a science fictional universe which will be very familiar to Star Trek fans. It involves a bungled first-contact situation, interesting alien races of several sexes or persuasions, mildly satiric commentary on a future space fleet in which our society is no more tolerant of differences than it is now, and just a whole heck of a lot of stuff going on.” – B&N Customer Review

“[Cognate] is a ripping good space yarn that keeps the reader engaged with each new twist of the plot. The characters are a dizzying variety of humans and aliens, from the blue-skinned, four-armed Nirvannini to the all-female Sirensi, not to mention their sexual preferences, but somehow it’s easy to remember who is who, and just as easy to really care about them. Don’t be surprised if you pick this up intending to just read a chapter or two, and end up reading it all in one sitting.” – Lambda Book Report