The Sagittarius





Kyri has known her share of loss in the two decades that she has been alive. She never expected to find herself a slave in roman lands, nor did she think she had the heart to become a gladiatrix. But with her soul shattered she must fight to see her way back home again. Will she win her freedom and return to all that she has known, or will she become another kind of slave to the killer that has taken over her mind? The only thing that is certain through it all is her love and devotion to Queen Orianna.

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  1. Samantha Ruskin
    Samantha Ruskin / 9-1-2018 / ·

    Absolutely worth the wait! I actually discovered the first book in this series by accident and quickly bought and read book two only to discover there would be a wait for the third. No problem. I bought and read everything else by this author. I can truly say to Regal Crest. ..what a find. A genuine treasure. I will deeply miss these women and wish the series were available imprint form. Every lesbian library should include the set.

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