The Heart’s Longing


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Trinn Wells is an award-winning chef in one of the finest hotel restaurants in Boston. She should be content, but she’s not. She hates her boss, her ex-girlfriend has left her in debt, she finds it impossible to meet her mother’s expectations, and she’s having strange dreams that disturb her sleep.

Sidney Wycombe is a prestigious London solicitor driven to preserve the memory of a place that no longer exists. When she tries to convince Trinn to help her in her efforts, Trinn hesitates, but finally arrives in London looking forward to an all-expenses paid holiday, a respite from her troubles.

As Sidney reveals the knowledge and lore of Briarcrest, Trinn’s dreams become an alternate reality where she meets a man known only as Catty. As Trinn becomes more involved in Catty’s world, she discovers that not everything is as it seems at the Briarcrest of old. When she learns that Catty is involved in some very dangerous activities, the two women from the future begin to worry for Trinn’s safety.

While the women try to unlock the secrets of the past, they battle their growing feelings for one another-feelings that neither one of them is prepared to deal with, but which, in the end, neither of them can deny. Will Sidney be able let down her guard as noble protector of Briarcrest? Will Trinn let go of living up to other people’s expectations and express her true feelings for Sidney?

The women of Briarcrest live! Travel back in time to find what the future holds for those who love the great castle and its inhabitants.