Untouchable by Brenda Adcock



Dr. Emma Rothenberg is the most feared professor at Overland University because of her failure rate. Laramie “Ramie” Sunderlund is a senior art major, desperate to earn three lousy English credits to graduate.

Thrown together in a battle of wills, the two women grudgingly establish a measure of respect for one another during one long semester. Emma is a lonely woman of forty-five who occasionally risks her career with dangerous liaisons.

Ramie faces unwanted advances from Rothenberg’s graduate assistant, resulting in
an assault that threatens her future as a sculptress. Relieved when the semester ends and Ramie leaves to recuperate at home, Emma is suddenly faced with the fact that she misses the blonde with curly blonde hair and deep blue eyes who
occupied an aisle seat on the third row. She was also a young woman half her age, virtually a child. The notion of anything between them is ridiculous.

When Ramie returns to the university as a graduate student, Emma is shocked to
find herself being actively pursued by the much younger woman. Against the objections of parents, friends, and colleagues can these two very different women find the happiness both are seeking?