Sharon G. Clark

Creating characters and situations is an often risky business, especially when, in lieu of the homework he expected, an American History teacher gets a short story the student has written. Somehow, Sharon managed to graduate and move on, doing an eight year tour of duty with the Marine Corps. She has also worked as a computer specialist, a substitute teacher, and currently, as a telecommunications analyst. Having toured in numerous countries must be an omen, since her life has been one giant research project. Sharon currently resides in Colorado.

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Chaos From the Void

        Only a short period of time has passed since defeating Belzan and his army to destroy magic, and moreover, Zheirger Keep. As Kellshae comes to terms with the roles of people with and without magic, a new threat appears.
        Zuena is learning to control and perfect her skills as a healer, her superior skills giving her an honored place among the senior mages. There is peace in Langear, and Kellshae is slowly overcoming the chaos from the abuses to and the abused by magic. Darkness is coming, prophesied in Zuena’s nightmares, and it will bring destruction and a new battle from the Void. Zuena doesn’t fear this new war, since they’ve already defeated an evil god, and a sadistic maniac. What Zuena fears is how she’ll ever fight her turbulent feelings for Shayne, the beautiful stranger from the Void.
        Colonel Shayne Eliza Zamora was only weeks from retirement, before she was given one last order: Destroy all evidence of activities performed and remove the team living there for the last five decades. Easier said than done when some from the Void refuse to leave—and a certain healer disrupts Shayne’s precisely formulated plans. Most frustrating is the feelings she has for Zuena, a woman nearly twenty years younger, after decades managing to avoid attachments of the heart — and the perplexities of love.
        When a group from the Void decide they’d rather rule the planet than leave it, Shayne must do everything she can to protect Zuena, the only woman able to remind Shayne she still has a beating heart.


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