Trip of Fools


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Everything goes wrong when a group of naïve Americans from a small, Southern town tour Italy. Tour organizer Carl Minton has his hands full as his forty-four clients negotiate cultural differences, interpret Italian through Southern dialects, and encounter unexpected challenges during a tour that includes Rome, Tuscany, and Venice.

To complicate matters, Carl and the handsome tour guide, Francois, steal every opportunity to be alone together, while one of the passengers looks for every opportunity to steal, while others get drunk and cause all manner of chaos.

Will Carl manage to get his touring crew through Italy with no one being arrested? More importantly, will he and Francois find the loving
relationship they desire?

Carl’s trials are as exasperating as anything in a Kafka novel, but full of laughs on every page. Francois explains the differences between
the two societies and Carl manages, in spite of his trials, to appreciate the magnificent Italian countryside and the experience of love and