Speak Easy, Speak Danger



        It’s been four years since Fiona, Margaret, and Sunny Cavanaugh, along with friend Brigid Conner, left Boston to start a new life in Colorado.
        Sunny Josephine Cavanaugh has come of age and has become a partner in Fiona’s Carpentry business. Jo offers to do work for the new seamstress, who’s opening a shop downtown and in need of upgrading. Tessa Langford hates the restrictions and constant hovering by her brother Warren; his constant harping of her previous troubles forging a wedge separating them further with each reminder. She’s interested in Jo the carpenter, and Warren isn’t happy about it.
        Fiona Cavanaugh is having serious medical trouble. She’s been losing periods of her sight and the migraines are getting worse. Afraid to tell Margaret because her teaching is doing so well, Fiona’s unable to find a way to mend the distance growing between them because of her health and her silence. Margaret has felt Fiona hiding something, and concerned when Fiona chooses to avoid rather than speak to her. After four years, Fiona’s nightmares are returning. They’re growing apart, and Margaret fears that if she doesn’t figure out what is the underlying reason, she could lose Fiona forever.
        Brigid Conner has enjoyed her new life since arriving in Colorado. She hasn’t found that special someone, but gets her hopes up when Warren Langford shows an interest — until James causes trouble for Fiona and Jo. Brigid finds solace in the understanding ear of her friend Ethel Winton’s new beau, Nicholas Trence. Only, Nicholas can’t be as wonderful as he appears on the surface, can he?
        With a murderer on the loose, can the women overcome their personal obstacles before one of them is the next victim?