Sara’s Choice




Sara Hyatt knows what it is to be in love. She’s been there, done that twice in her life. The second time she was sure would be the last. She’d found the woman who owned her heart; except that woman chose to stomp on it instead.

Now Sara’s single again and attracting interest. Problem is, neither woman is Terry.

Terry Alexander moves herself and her daughter to Whitehorse, Canada, to live with her mom after realizing she couldn’t continue on her own in Quebec. She never expected she’d ever date again, much less fall in love. She never expected to meet Sara Hyatt. When she did, she fell hard. Until she was forced to break up with her. Now she sees her on every street corner and she aches to talk to her. But Sara isn’t exactly inviting her over for coffee.

Can she find a way to convince Sara that she still loves her and they should be together or will she end up spending the rest of her life alone?

Ultimately, it’s Sara’s choice. Will she choose her true love? Or will she settle for the love of someone else?

A lesbian romance about forgiveness and learning to find your way home.