Revolving Doors




Rhiannon Sharp is a businesswoman at the top of her game, who has spent the better part of her adult life crossing the globe, applying her multi-faceted and highly sought-after skills wherever needed. Having secured a contract closer to home, she finally returns to Australia to work in Sydney. Despite the success which has come naturally to Rhiannon in the professional world, a key part of her life is missing, having let it slip through her fingers some twenty years ago.

Angela Drayton is a concert pianist, feted throughout the world for her depth of passion when performing. She’s on an extended sabbatical with her son, wondering at how her life is so full and yet strangely empty.

A twenty-year school reunion creates the perfect opportunity for Rhiannon to finally gain answers to questions she has waited far too long to ask Angela. But will she get them? Will they at last be able to pick up from where they never really managed to start?