What would it take to make you ditch your career, your pride, and run from everything you believe in? In private investigator Ashe Devon’s case, it’s the fact that her client ended up dead while under her protection. Out of the P.I. business, Ashe is just trying to survive the daily grind of her boring, vanilla life when her former boss calls her out of retirement for one last job: protect a local DJ from a violent stalker. Ashe is fully prepared to turn down the case until she meets the client.

Mystral Galbraith, aka Phoenix, is unashamedly gay, just a tad awkward and musically brilliant. Ashe is instantly captivated by her and can’t ignore the fierce young woman’s plea for help. Neither can Ashe ignore the stirrings of long-forgotten emotions that set both her heart and her boxer briefs on fire. While Ashe struggles to keep her relationship with Mystral professional, the tension between them simmers just beneath the surface.

More than Ashe’s pride is involved—failure could cost Mystral her life. But is Ashe the right person for the job? If she doesn’t get her hormones under control, the undeniable pull between them could compromise her judgment and open the door for history to repeat its tragic lesson.