What happens when you finally find the woman of your dreams, but your twin sister despises her?

Amazonian twin sisters Shale and Kale are as different as night from day, but they have an unbreakable bond–a bond that is tested to its limit when their tribe is brutally slaughtered by an unknown assailant.

Seeking revenge, redemption, and a new place to call home, the twin warriors travel to another tribe, where they find an ally in Blake, an Amazon princess. Shale and Blake form an instant connection, much to Kale’s obvious unease.

As Shale strives to make friends and fit into their new tribe, a matter made all the more difficult by jealous rivals, power struggles, and her forthright twin, she must also let down her guard to Blake and surrender her heart, a most unnatural task for a warrior.

When the deadly assailant suddenly reappears, not only is the blossoming love between Shale and Blake threatened, but the lives of the entire tribe. Will these warring Amazons find common ground and ultimately unite? Or will the entire Amazon nation fall?