Nann Dunne

Fresh from college with a BA in Biology and minors in English and Chemistry, I jumped into the pharmaceutical field. Two years later, I jumped back out, got married and began to raise a family. Six children and a divorce later, I decided I would rather experiment with words than with animals. While I raised the kids with one hand, with the other hand I worked my way up through proofreading and editing to become a Corporate Division Manager. I opted for early retirement, worked part-time for a while for my church, then just recently went back into the work world as a consulting editor for a multinational, financial services firm.

I fell in love with the X:WP show when I saw “The Price.” I had just lost my best friend of 25 years and the connection between X&G mirrored ours. I never missed an episode after that. I discovered fanfic and about a year after starting to read it, I decided to give it a try, though I had never written fiction.

I wrote three stories and was satisfied to stop, until Karen Surtees (kas) read them and encouraged me to continue. Kas’ love of writing rubbed off on me and I found a new passion and a treasured friend. One day, kas challenged me to write a story with her, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity! True Colours was born of that collaboration. We have written a sequel, Many Roads to Travel, which will also be published. Fans have given us marvelous feedback and we were thrilled, honored and delighted when RAP chose to publish our books. We are grateful to everyone.


Books by Nann Dunne with Karen Surtees

With Patty Schramm