Stealing Second: Sam’s Story


**Book Four in the Clarksonville Series**

Samantha Rose Payton likes girls, but her parents don’t know that. And Sam would like to keep it that way, because her parents are ultra-conservative Republicans. They live in a mansion and have servants and chauffeurs, but instead of playing the part of a dutiful debutante who plays the violin and still has a nanny at age seventeen, Sam would rather watch ice-hockey on TV and play second base on her summer softball team. Having to hide her relationship with her girlfriend Lisa from her parents is becoming an agonizing struggle. Not only are her friends pressuring her to come out to her parents, they are also trying to convince her to attend a very public gay pride festival at the local college. At least she has her nanny Helene to confide in, but for how much longer? Sam is acutely aware that the time for Helene to move on may be fast approaching. And if that isn’t enough, Sam’s summer softball coach gives her no end of grief after an error-filled game and isn’t afraid of making an example out of her. Will Sam remain the perfect princess her parents expect? Will her beloved nanny leave her forever? Will her girlfriend get fed up about being kept hidden? Will her friends continue to pressure her about coming out? Will Coach Greer make her life miserable? All of these questions are answered in Stealing Second: Sam’s Story


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