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The “Maya Holworth Trilogy” continues one year later. While investigating a lead on a missing person’s case, former Sheriff now turned Detective Lea Carlson collapses on a New York City subway platform and lapses into an unexplained coma.

Alerted to the news, Kylie Vinson and Maya Holworth join forces in piecing together the events leading up to Lea’s bizarre incident. Soon, Kylie discovers an unsettling connection between the recent missing person’s case and a series of ritualistic murders that occurred five years previous. Even more startling is Maya’s strong belief that Lucise, a supernatural archenemy from her past, is at the root of the murders.

Together, Kylie and Maya embark on a harrowing journey that challenges their supernatural strength and emotional willpower. They will endanger all they hold dear in waging war with Lucise in a fight to the finish for good to triumph over evil.