Norie Baker

I have lived in the Houston area for 40 years, born in West Virginia but most of my childhood, or pre-Texas life, was spent in Michigan. I claim Texas as my home as I have grown firm roots and learned about her wonderful and noble history, especially the greatness of Houston and her citizens. Also, a prerequisite to claiming citizenship, I have adopted the arrogance of being a Texan.

I have two biological children, ages 34 and 30, and a 10-year-old from another mother. I am currently single and living the life with my two rescue fur babies. I graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s in psychology and have a strong passion for astrophysics… Neil de Grasse Tyson is my hero.

I have a colorful history that includes being adopted, spousal abuse, disability from MS, and the experience of an existential love that changed my life forever in the best way; all these ingredients come through in my writing. A full life that has included, trauma and love and struggle, makes a great resource for stories that can ring true with depth and complexity.

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Unlikely Lovers

Rey comes from money, college educated, with a keen sense of style, a handsome stud, who owns an avocado orchard, plays the cello, runs several children’s charities to help end hunger, had the perfect childhood and came from the perfect family. She never had to “come out” to her family because everyone already knew who she was and they loved and accepted her without mention. She met the perfect woman, Emily, who offered her a place to release all her passion and love that she yearned to drown in, and married her.

Emily was the perfect femme, destined for The Houston Ballet until a car accident affected her range of motion and ended her professional career. After dealing with the devastation of the loss of her dream that she had trained for since the age of three, she managed to move forward and open a dance studio. She taught ballet to young children in her small Texas town. She was beautiful and she used it to cast a spell that Rey was willingly helpless to resist. She was in a good place in her life and was ready for her knight in shining armor when she met Rey, her perfect other half.

Rey was, indeed, the perfect butch. The finishing touch to any femme’s dream. Emily’s chance meeting came out of her wanting to pay forward an act of kindness. She was breathtakingly beautiful, the answer for any butch’s fantasy. They looked so happy living the perfect life. Rey was attentive and Emily was submissive. She and Emily enjoyed the passion of new love and resembled the plastic-couple-topper on most wedding cakes. How could Rey have had such an issue with her seemingly perfect life. Nobody, not even Emily’s best friend who ran the local women’s shelter, could have predicted what was boiling under the surface. Everyone envied them and thought of theirs as the relationship to emulate and dreamed of having what they had. Until that fateful day.

Rey discovers the only thing close to gender rules for masculine behavior is intended for men. That doesn’t quite fit a butch woman, no matter her level of butchness. Most butches are strong, but not compared to most men. Of course, there are exceptions, but their bodies are different and experience life differently, including sexual stimulation. I try to shine a light through this love story between these two beautiful souls about the fragility of ego and how assumptions and the desperation for acceptance can destroy the beauty of love. Rey and Emily who try, really hard, to live within the dichotomy of a traditional patriarchic marriage, struggle to hold on.

Can their love endure the unexpected issue of shame? Is their love strong enough to carry them together, beyond gender roles and expectations?

Publication Date TBD