Lisa Young

Originally from Edinburgh in Scotland Lisa now lives near Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire England, land of the infamous Robin Hood. She has always been a keen observer of human nature and personal relationships. With a witty and mischievous sense of humour Lisa generally sees the funny side of life. She has been an avid reader since she was old enough to hold up a book and she has a varied taste in literature including the classics as well as more contemporary lesbian fiction. Lisa loves nothing more than jumping into her campervan with her wife, sons and miniature dachshund and heading off on a road trip. Having recently returned from a tour of the north of Scotland (and the distilleries, obviously!) and she has now retired her campervan for the winter and taken up her more sedate hobby of knitting scarves.

After a traditional marriage and two children, Lisa entered her thirties as a more authentic version of herself accepting her sexuality as a lesbian and embarking upon a new and exciting stage of her life which led her to meet her wife Lucy. As an ‘Out and Proud’ lesbian she met many extraordinary people and she experienced both the joys and the complexities of dating as a single gay parent. Her experiences led her to create a hilarious fictional world of lesbian dating in her first novel Out and Proud. Whilst her human characters are fictional, the names of the animal characters have been changed to protect their identities! Lisa was inspired to write her first book by her wife who told her “You’ve lived it, now you just need to write it.”

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