Editing is an intense look at the content, flow, characterization, plot, grammar, word usage, and many other aspects of the written word. There are two specific types of editing. While every book should benefit from both types, it is possible a writer will only want to use one. Here they are:

Content Editor: This editor specifically looks at content, flow, characterization, and all aspects of the story. Sometimes also known as a story editor or a substantive editor, the editor will make suggestions to the writer on how to fix any potential issues pertaining to, for example, plot holes, inconsistencies, timeline issues, etc.

Line Editor: Also known as a copy editor, this editor goes over every line of the book looking at grammar, punctuation, word usage, word and sentence flow, typos, spelling, etc.

Is editing expensive? It can be. Is there a cheaper place to go? Probably. But you get what you pay for. Quality editing means that an experienced editor has spent quality time with your work. The editor should be compensated equitably.

Industry standard is between $30-$55 per hour for a line editor. For a content editor it’s $40-$65 per hour. Most editors can edit 1-5 pages per hour, depending on how much work is required to bring the manuscript up to standard.

Flashpoint Publications doesn’t differentiate in cost between content and line editing, as both require extensive work on the part of the editor. Therefore, regardless of the editing choice, the cost is $35 per hour per project per editor. For an 80,000 word manuscript, this would cost approximately $1,120.00.

Flashpoint guarantees to provide experienced editors, each with ten or more years of editing experience in the publishing industry.

We require 1/2 payment at the start of the project and the second 1/2 when it is complete.

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