Copyright Assistance

When a writer puts pen to paper (or words to a computer document) that writer has initiated a copyright to the material contained in the document (unless otherwise specified by contracts for the work, such as for an employer).

It is important to understand the necessity of having a copyright registered with the Library of Congress in the US. (It is also recommended that the writer register the copyright in the country in which she/he lives. Flashpoint is a US company and not versed in the procedures for other countries.)

Once the work is completed, a copyright registration can be started. Click here, Copyright Office, to get started and to get additional information.

You will need to create an account here at the Electronic Copyright Office, to begin the process.

In order to obtain a full Copyright Registration, the document must be published. (But don’t let that put you off. Start the process as that is the best way to protect yourself against copyright infringement.)

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